Taking It a Day at a Time

Wow! Nashville has already been quite the adventure, and I’ve only been here for FOUR WEEKS!

I’ve lived with my boyfriend Ty & my cat Trudeaux for the past year… so living with my sister Natalee and my cousin Amanda has definitely been an adjustment!  I’m so used to having my OWN space, my OWN cleaning routine, my OWN refrigerator, and my OWN CLOSETS! Hahaha! Now we each have shelves, fridge sections, cleaning chores, and “shared closets”. According to Natalee, I can’t count how many times I’ve come home to her dressed head-to-toe in MY clothes! We’ve been working on creating boundaries for ourselves…unsuccessfully! Haha!


Nashville is such a beautiful place to live. It’s green, warm, and the people here are so kind. We’ve gone out honky-tonkin’, bar-hoppin’, rock-&-rollin’, shootin’, and draaaankin,’ ya’ll! When my boyfriend Ty came to visit, he took me to my first NHL game…and that was quite the experience as well! So far, I’m having a lot of fun immersing myself in this southern culture and getting to know my way around town. I’ve already met many great friends and have had some pretty great opportunities land in my lap. My second week here, I was getting paid to be an “extra” on the season finale of the hit TV show Nashville. I arrived on set, and to my surprise I was selected to be a “famous artist” alongside Rayna James, Deacon Clayborne, and Brad Paisley!!! That meant that I got to have my own publicist and bodyguard, wear a gorgeous dress, walk the red carpet, and hang out at the CMA party that was set. I was there for 17 hours, and didn’t get to bed until around 4am. It was such a long day, but SO worth it.


We received even more good news this morning! To our surprise, we (Falk) were invited to perform at the CMA Music Festival (“fan fair) this year! Our show is scheduled for June 8th on a stage that many of country’s big names have played on before us. It’s an incredible opportunity, and we’re so looking forward to it!

Everything is going great here in Tennessee, but my heart is still in Utah. I miss my boyfriend Ty and my kitty so much it hurts sometimes. I wrote a song about the move and our long distance relationship called “Love Me Now“. I showed Nat and she fell in love with it immediately! We posted ourselves singing and playing it on YouTube, and the response we’re getting everyday from fans brings tears to my eyes. It’s amazing how many people have reached out to me just because they can relate to my situation. I feel so loved and supported! I don’t know what will happen in the future, but I’m just staying positive and taking it a day at a time.



Leaving my life in Utah was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make, but it’s a relief to see it starting to pay off! In my heart, I know that everything will work out how it’s supposed to. In the meantime, I’m enjoying this town while counting down the days until I get to see Ty again! 15 more to go! I’m grateful for so many things in my life. I’m staying positive, focusing on what I want and why, counting my blessings, and keeping myself happy. Every day is a new page in this book called “My Life”, and I’m the author! I can choose what I want, and how I want to feel! I believe life is supposed to be fun, so I’m choosing to write every moment that way!


Sending my LOVE and JOY to everyone!

-Alexa <3




Making Big Decisions

For me, living in indecision is one of the hardest things to do. Once I have a clear direction I can make it work…but when I’m toying with all possibilities, than every plan is just a hypothetical option. So far, my hypothetical options of the moment are stay in Utah or move to Nashville. The choice would seem obvious from any outside onlooker, but the inner turmoil I’ve been feeling about this decision has had me in hysterics! For me, this is a loaded decision – and it’s not just about where I live.

I haven’t known anything other than music. My childhood was filled with practices, pageants, traveling, sequins, dancing & singing lessons, acting, coaches, nannies, and performances. Natalee and I were always “different”, and our further advancement in the entertainment industry just pulled us further apart from being normal kids. I began writing songs when I was 8 years old, and then recorded my first CD and worked with my first producer (Jason Deere) at age 9. I had my first platinum hit in Brazil (sung by Wanessa Camargo) by the time I was 10 years old, and the hits kept coming until I was 13. I was constantly traveling between Utah and Nashville, and I began homeschooling in 6th grade. That continued up until my high school graduation, and even into college.

As much as I Ioved music, I also hated it because I felt like it made me live two lives. I would fly to Nashville, LA, and New York for Label/Disney/Nickelodeon meetings…then I’d come home and attempt to live an entirely different life. I grew up fast, and soon ran out of things in common with kids my own age. I felt I never lived either of my lives fully, and by the time I was 16, I was so exhausted from having two different identities that I just wanted to quit them both. It seemed there was always a record deal or some other big opportunity “in the works” or “just around the corner”. Those seemingly up-and-coming obligations prevented us from being a part of the activities that all of our friends were involved in, and pretty soon I didn’t feel a part of anything anymore.

That all changed when I got a scholarship to Berklee College of Music. It was one of the best experiences of my life. It saved me, and gave me a sense of balance that I had never experienced before. I was there pursuing what I loved (music), and for the first time in my life I had a group of friends that I felt at one with. I learned that having personal relationships and a social life was more important to me than success. Memories are the sweetness that give life meaning, and having people there who support and love you along your journey is what keeps you from feeling so alone.

Logan, Utah is definitely not the music capital of the world, but it’s the center of mine right now. Here I have a boyfriend I love, my family lives close, I still get to travel for music, communicate with my fans, and feel somewhat normal in the meantime. So will I move to Nashville? I don’t know. All I do know is that I can choose my perspective even if I can’t always choose the circumstances. I’ve learned a lot from my past, and I know that balance and living from a place of feeling centered is the most important thing to me. I’ve always dreamed that music would reach the potential I’ve envisioned, and I still hope it does…but not at the sacrifice of what I love most. I’ve already given up so much of myself for promises unfulfilled, and I won’t do that again. I no longer need “it” to happen in order to be happy. My happiness is a choice, and it is right NOW.

I don’t know where my tomorrows will take me, but I know that I will enjoy every second of it because I’m going to consciously choose to! Moment by moment! I will never give up who I am again because it’s just not worth it to me anymore. So, my goal for this decision process is to let it unfold naturally, to see the best in it all, to find something inside of the turbulence to feel grateful for, and soak up the goodness of life more fully so I can create space for more joy in my heart… because isn’t that what it’s really all about? It is for me. <3

Dreaming Dreams for 2013

Where to begin…

So for my blog I guess I’ll pick up where Nat left off last Wednesday! We enjoyed a great Thanksgiving break and then had a few in-depth music meetings…where we decided that December would be the perfect time to reassess and plan what 2013 is going to look like for FALK!!! We all met at Starbucks last week, and shared ideas about how to maximize our growth and development and reach our dreams for nearly two hours! I’ve gotta say… I’m pretty stoked about the brainstorm baby that was birthed from that session. If everything that we’re planning runs smoothly, then 2013 is going to be a HUGE year for us!

Since we’re taking most of December to reflect on our professional lives, I thought I would do the same in my personal life. With our song “Deadly Beauty” coming out this year, there was a lot of emphasis on “who I used to be” in the media. Most of our publicity focused heavily on the eating disorder aspect, rather than my recovery. For me that was the most important part of it all…the end result, the actions I took to heal myself, and the ways that our music is connecting with other girls to lessen/prevent their own personal struggle. As human beings, it is our tendency to see people for who they were and the choices they used to make instead of seeing them clearly for who they are in the present moment. I’ve spent these last few years overcoming my past, and in the process, I’ve completely changed my perspective of myself and of life in general. I have a long ways to go, but I’m spending my time recognizing how far I’ve come!

A while ago, my dad introduced me to the “THREE-to-one.” process. Implementing it has worked really well for me this past year. Every day, I spend 10 minutes writing down THREE things I did well during the day. Then, I find an area that needs improvement. It keeps me motivated and makes me feel proud and accomplished. It has replaced my old pattern of belittling myself for the things that weren’t perfect. I’ve learned that criticism has a crippling effect, and it stifles the growth of a person who is trying to better themselves. By noticing what we do right instead, we then enhance it subconsciously. The side effects of this continual positivity tend to be happiness and self-confidence – two things I’m all for! In retrospect, there are probably a billion things I could do better, but I’d rather spend my time and energy feeling accomplished for the positive changes I’ve already made. So, I’m spending December journaling, reflecting, forgiving, letting go, moving on, and dreaming dreams for 2013. I’m excited for what is to come, and I hope everyone else is too!

Much love,

Alexa <3

Law of Attraction – In Action!

I have been sick, and haven’t gone to the gym for a week. That’s a problem because the amount of excess energy I currently have is ridiculous. I don’t believe in labeling, but those who do would say I have an extreme case of ADD. I have practiced keeping focused through meditation and working out…but since I haven’t had my daily gym visits to calm myself, I’ve had to exert my energy in other ways. For example, I just did donuts in the studio’s parking lot for about 8 minutes…that didn’t work. So I started dancing hideously when we put on the vocal tracks, while Stoker (the engineer at Soularium Studios) had his back turned. Mandy & Natalee were amused, and started filming me. I had to do pushups to finally be able to sit still…and I’m debating going running down the block if I don’t calm the-falk-down!

So for the past week, we’ve been between the studio and Austin, Texas. I’ve been phoneless for the duration of it all since I dropped it in the toilet for the 2ND TIME THIS YEAR!!! It was pretty adventurous to be phoneless in another state. At one point, I lost Mandy and Natalee in the airport because I went to the wrong baggage claim. It could’ve been a disaster, but thank goodness I found them! The life of my wireless was finally resurrected yesterday, and what do I do!? DROP IT! So now the whole damn screen is shattered. It’s just been one of those weeks, but at least I can laugh about it. Throughout my life, I’ve learned tragedy and comedy are the same thing. It’s all up to perspective, and I’d rather choose one that makes me feel better!

Austin was a lot of fun! For the first time in the past 6 NEDA shows, Natalee and I had seats together on the flight. We had quite a bonding experience, which started the trip off right. Once we got to our hotel and started to unpack, I discovered that my NyQuil had betrayed me…and decided to leave it’s nasty Jager-bomb-smelling presence on my pajamas, toiletries, workout clothes, swimming suits, hats, running shoes, and my nice blue/white collared shirt. I threw everything in the tub, then hung the wet clothes on the closet hangers… not realizing the dripping sound would last all night. Hahaha, oops! It’s been a definite week of “Law Of Attraction In Action”! We had a show the next morning, so I took what little I had left of the nasty cough syrup and looked for an unfulfilled dream of a good night’s sleep. I should’ve known better, because Natalee was my designated sleeping partner.

My nervous system was set in shock 3 times throughout the night because of Natalee’s 2am, 3am and 5am panic attacks. She startled me awake every time by screaming and darting out of bed. My reaction to her action was so quick that I found myself grabbing my knees, terrorized on the other side of the hotel room floor. As I was waiting for my cells to stop buzzing, I realized that Natalee was having a nightmare AGAIN! This happened literally 3 times throughout the night, but she only remembered one of her dreams. It was about an evil baby being thrown across the room. She jumped out of bed to save the ‘demon’ and apparently needed me for moral support (I’m assuming that’s why she screamed my name and repeatedly told me to “hurry”). I hardly slept at all, and felt like I had a severe hangover the next morning. I could’ve killed her!!!

The show was in a beautiful setting, and we spent the morning reading while the NEDA volunteers set up the stage. The new book I’m on is “Seth Speaks.” and the whole thing is fascinating! I read Natalee a few pages of it, so now she’s pressing me to finish it so we can trade. Mandy’s family came out, and it was really fun to go to lunch and hang out with them! We were pretty exhausted by the time we got to the hotel, so we decided to grab coffee…but then opted for an afternoon nap instead. And get this – I had a light on because I was going to read before sleeping, and NATALEE had the AUDACITY to get mad at me for keeping her up! I’ve made a deal with my subconscious to save all of my scary dreams for the next time I have to share a bed with her! Payback shall be a scary bitch! Hahaha

When we woke up, Mandy had to tune Natalee and I out while we went off on spiritual tangents for about two hours! When we are in alignment, we are inseparable! Later, we decided to go out, and headed for the highly recommended 6th Street. We met two foreigners – one from Austria and one from Italy. We all had dinner at a sports bar called “Bikini’s” (Austin’s finest!) and we decided to get the full experience of the town. So, we ordered a few brewskies, and a Texas-sized burger…not realizing that they would be presenting an ENTIRE COW between the buns! I think the reaction of the Italian man, Alessandro, was the best part of it all!

One of our best friends Geoff is in the Air Force and stationed in San Antonio, TX. When we were getting ready, Mandy saw on Facebook that he was in Austin for the night…so we called him and he and his cousin came and met up with us on 6th Street! It was a fun night of dancing and exploring the fun town! I made everyone go home early since the lymph nodes on the right side of my neck had decided to triple in size. We must’ve looked so awkward because Geoff and Natalee were giving me a neck/throat massages the whole way home!


The trip home was smooth, and it was nice to get back to our winter wonderland after having some sun in Texas! Now we’re finishing up the vocals on our NEW songs (which you’ll love!), and getting ready for the holidays! :)

Wishing everyone well! – Alexa


Happy Halloween!!

So we started the morning dressed like polygamists in the spirit of Halloween, and when my dad walked into our office, he instantly got it. He was laughing pretty hard, and spent the first part of our music meeting taking pictures of our costumes. We all went next door to the Beehive Grill for lunch, and I’m sure that the onlookers got a kick out of us Falk sister-wives! With my dad in the mix, it looked like we belonged on a new episode of Big Love, haha! Halloween is one of my favorite “should-be-holidays”. Planning your costume is almost just as fun as actually wearing it! I’m really looking forward to passing out candy in my costume, and scaring little kids tonight! (I kid, I kid…sorta)

The festivities have been fun, and it’s nice to have been home long enough to enjoy them. Our next destination is Texas, and that’s not until next week. That officially makes our 3 week break the longest we’ve been home since the spring! It’s been nice, but I think we’re all itching to get back on the road. Our new song “Fall into Me” (check it out here!) is also coming out on iTunes November 12th, and we’ll be getting back in the studio next week to record more! I CAN’T WAIT to finish these new ones – I just know that everyone will love them as much as Nat and I do!

Hope everyone is doing great! Happy Halloween!!!

Everybody Knows Somebody – NEDA Conference 2012!

I’ve tried to get some zzz’s on this flight back to Salt Lake, but I can’t because I’m too excited about everything coming our way! I’ve been writing out some of the possibilities that the future holds, and it’s got me wired. That, along with my three cups of coffee, makes the idea of sleep temporarily disabled. Up until now, every trip we’ve taken for our music has just gotten better and better. Sorry. My blog was just BLATANTLY interrupted by a LARGE butt in my face!!! I’m sitting next to a hairy, bodyguard-looking man in a fire red jersey who apparently has decided to drop a number of items under his seat! He’s been invading my personal space for a solid TWO MINUTES looking for his most recent lost treasure. That, or he is perfecting the “Bend & Snap!”. Or…he could even be practicing the popular yoga pose Downward Dog. Either way… I’d prefer if his bottom was NOT aiming for my nose! That’s just rude! Hahaha

He finally sat down. Back to writing.

Florida was AMAZING! Not only was the weather great, but the NEDA conference was everything we’d hoped it would be. We were welcomed by a sea of adoring people who shared both their love for our music and their personal stories. In general, the NEDA community is so warm, accepting, understanding, and funny, too! We were all there for a very serious cause, but it didn’t stop us all from enjoying ourselves and making light of such a heavy topic. I always love performing “Deadly Beauty,” but it has such a different effect on me when we sing it to a group of people who have lived the lyrics. I’ll see people crying, hugging each other, and filming us while singing every word. It takes everything Nat and I have to not break down with them.

I’m really glad I could transition from chord to chord smoothly, because the night before I couldn’t move my ring finger or my pinky! I had been in a tiny bit of a bad mood… because Natalee and Amanda were PISSING ME OFF!!!! Anytime I would ask a question they would respond with “Oh, didn’t we tell you?” Then I’d answer, “no…?” and they would reply with “Well, then I guess it’s none of your business!” I can take a joke, but after two months of this I’d had enough! My bad attitude caused “The Law of Attraction” to oh-so-kindly provide a corner for me to SMACK my elbow on (a not so gentle reminder to change my mood)! I had dislocated my elbow in the 7th grade, and it was never properly put back into place. Because of this, my nerves are a bit more exposed…hence the collision resulting in my temporarily lifeless fingers. Good thing Amanda provided ice and the conference provided wine! Hahaha

The next morning, we opened the family panel by sharing our personal story and how we came to be ambassadors for the National Eating Disorder Association. Natalee and I have learned that there is a BIG difference between public singing and public speaking. Music, for us, comes effortlessly. Speaking, however, comes with nerves! I’m just grateful we had a podium, because if Natalee was holding our notes it may have looked like her hand was having a seizure! (Just kidding…she did GREAT!) Once we were finished speaking, the audience overwhelmed us with love and appreciation. We received a roaring applause and standing ovations. It was such a great experience – one we’ll never forget!

Six brave people spoke on the panel after us. It was so inspiring and reassuring to hear their individual journeys to recovery. For me, this weekend proved that everyone has a voice, and everyone can influence someone for the better. I’m SO proud of Sarah, a volunteer we met who started her own Facebook support group for girls her age. She is an example of many like her, who are dedicated to turning their “hell” into their “healing.” Do us a favor and “like” her page! (http://www.facebook.com/DefeatEdFindYourVoice) Overall, the convention was a success, and I can’t wait to go again next year!

Aside from music, we definitely had our play time (per usual). Nat and I shared headphones and danced to “Wobble” in the streets of Florida (it’s our newest silly song obsession). We laid in the sun, watched jumping dolphins, anticipated Natalee being graced with seagull poop, climbed trees (that we couldn’t get out of), and discovered the most AMAZING, healthy, probiotic-filled frozen yogurt! The shop only offered two sizes – HUGE and HUGER. Since I have a bit of an issue with things needing to be even, the thought of yogurt only filling an 8th of the cup reeeeaaaaally irked my nerve. So I filled it to the top… not realizing that you had to pay based on the weight of the yogurt. Oops!!! Everyone else’s treats cost around $3.00, and I paid $15.99! I ate a solid $2.00 worth though.

Every night we would bring take-out to our room, snuggle together, and watch a hotel movie! Then, just like clockwork, Natalee would ask if she could sneak into the 30lb grocery bag I packed (the one she made fun of me for via twitter) and go to town on my organic dark-chocolate almonds. Yes. She ended up eating MOST of my snacks. And yes, it IS annoying. They are ALL organic, and she is the type of girl who doesn’t care if it’s from McDonalds or Whole Foods. Hahaha, oh well. Overall, we had a great five days away! Now I’m looking forward to getting back to Utah and taking some much-needed TIME OFF!!! We have about 2 hours of this flight left, and I’m itching to write a song inspired by all of the wonderful people I met this weekend. If it turns out like I’m imagining it will, then I’m hoping it could be next year’s NEDA theme!

I’m gonna get working on it… that is, until the LARGE man next to me decides to bend over again! #HOPEFORTHEBEST! Hahaha


If You Don’t Play Hard, the Work Suffers!

So, we’re headed to Chicago this weekend for another NEDA event, and we’re really looking forward to it! We finally feel organized, and that’s a feeling that is long overdue. We have our new website up, our new music released on iTunes, and now we’re establishing a new flow/schedule. We all have our own roles within our Falk team, and it just makes everything easier. Between the two of us, Natalee handles the details like color schemes, photos, bios…basically the things I would never even think of! Logo font?! What?! Hahaha! And it’s my job to pump out the tunes (8 songs a month), so I’ve been writing like crazy. I guess it’s a good thing that my life is full of material, haha!

As we get busier, our motto is that if you don’t play hard, work suffers. So, we decided to reward ourselves with a little fun this weekend after the music overload of last week. We started Friday night by going to our little brother Luke’s Homecoming football game (he’s the QB). Our label sponsored the team, so it was funny to watch the football fans around us looking at our ad in the program so intently. Luke was nominated into Logan High’s royalty court, so he came out in an old school convertible during half time. It was so cute! The game was pretty intense…I really thought that they were going to call it a loss, but Logan ended up pulling through! It was such an adrenaline rush!

After the win, we went to the USU hockey team’s Redneck-themed party…and we went ALL OUT! We had a nice shopping spree at the D.I. and found some pretty fabulous Hillbilly gems. It was very fitting because Nat and I already have alter egos named “Karl with a K Stickles” and “Wilfred Fillmore”. They are redneck best friends, and together they are hilarious! They even have their own Facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/KarlAndWilfred?ref=ts That night Karl and Wilfred were in rare form, and provided quite a bit of entertainment for the whole party! We had such a blast, and created stories from that night to last us a lifetime!

I decided to carry that redneck theme throughout the rest of my weekend. After a girls dinner on Saturday, I went catfish fishing with my boyfriend and some friends at 1:30am! I didn’t get home until almost 5am!!! It’s a good thing that our gig the next day was at a coffee shop, because if it wasn’t, I’m not sure I would’ve been awake. We had a great time with our fans at the show Sunday. We even brought two of them up for a “guest appearance.” They sang a few songs, and it was fun for us to be in the audience for a change. Our shows just seem to be getting more fun, so we’re looking forward to the next one in Chicago this weekend! One of our best friends, Jessica, lives there, and we haven’t seen her since December… so I’m sure we’ll come home with PLENTY of stories! I honestly can’t wait!

Oh…and I also got my cat Trudeaux a harness and a leash, so I’m looking forward to taking him for walks while the weather is still nice. Should be a great week! :)

XO – Alexa


Making Magic!!

Our crazy weekend started Thursday at 6:55am when we called into 99.3 – Eagle Country for the tri-cities area – for an interview with radio personality Bubba Bo regarding our upcoming NEDA shows and iTunes release.

It was an early morning, but it was a great opportunity to reach out to new audiences there. Later that day, we met with our public relations rep, Peri, for media training. She offered up common interview questions that related to our ambassadorship for NEDA, and basically taught us what NOT to do and say! Haha! We had a great time sipping lattes as we discussed all of our upcoming opportunities and plans for the album.

The next day we took off to Cincinnati, OH, and when we landed we realized our hotel was in Indiana. Amanda and I had a great time giving Natalee lessons on Midwest geography…I think we were all so loopy from exhaustion that anything and everything was funny! The next morning we headed to the first performance of our NEDA tour in Lawrenceburg, IN. We met so many amazing women, and it was great to see how many people came out to support the cause. Right before we played “Deadly Beauty,” the walk coordinator Paula shared her personal story of losing her daughter to an eating disorder. We were nearly in tears, and had a hard time getting through the song because so many people in the audience were crying. It was a very powerful and emotional morning. Afterwards, we were headed to Minneapolis…but had 5 hrs to kill in the airport first. We decided to get lunch…along with a drink to celebrate! We decided on Bahama Mama’s, and let’s just say mine hit me a little quicker than the others…

We stopped by a place called “Natalie’s Candy Shop.” Natalee’s nickname is “Candy Land” because she simply LOVES her candy…it’s only fitting. I tried to get away with sampling all the candies before I bought them, and then I found the Jelly Bean section. There were SO many flavors, that I just had to get a few samples of them all! However, I didn’t take into consideration just how much gourmet airport jelly beans would cost, so when my total came to $38.00, we were all dying laughing that I spent so much money on candy! It was our joke for the rest of the trip. About every 10 minutes, Natalee would raise her eyebrows, look at me strangely and say “jelly bean!?” – in a voice that resembled Sloth from The Goonies when he says “Baby Ruth?” I would just start busting up and open the bag so she could grab a handful. I spent half the time yelling at her to stop eating only the buttered-popcorn ones – drives me crazy! We had an intense crash after lack of sleep and over-consumption of sugar. Amanda thought it was funny to exploit my exhaustion, and kept taking pictures of me passed out on the terminal chairs!


We made it to our hotel that night around 7pm, and decided to order room service and a movie. We were so goofy and annoying…I felt so bad for the people staying above, below, and beside us. We had an early wakeup call the next morning of 5:30am to head to the next NEDA walk at the Mall of America. Inside, there is a giant theme park called Nickelodeon Universe that we were adoring with Morgan Karr (another artist performing at the walk) as we went on a coffee hunt before the show. The performance went great, and we had such much fun meeting and taking pictures with FALK fans. Afterwards, we packed up and head to the airport AGAIN to catch a flight to Nashville. In between us landing, getting our rental car, and then driving back to the airport to pick up our mother, we decided to check out the Nashville scene. We went out to Broadway to see what the city is like after a Titans vs. Patriots game…lets just say it’s wild!

We spent all night laughing and imitating the drunken hooligans that were hitting on us. Natalee was practically drooling once we got into town because of “all the cute boys,” haha! I even caught her on camera staring at a waiter’s butt! We went to dinner at Jimmy Buffet’s famous Margaritaville and there was a woman walking around on stilts making balloon hats. She asked me what balloon she should make for Natalee, and I instructed her to make the most obnoxious/embarrassing ensemble ever created. I wish I had known that after Natalee’s hat was complete, she would ask her the very same question. I ended up wearing a TOWER on my head! NO EXAGGERATION – literally 20 feet into the air! We were almost in tears laughing when we re-emerged back onto Broadway street because of the reaction we received from bystanders. At one point, my tower hat hit a street lamp, and one of the balloons popped. I, along with everyone around us, freaked out because it sounded like a gunshot, haha! We also got that on film! Later, we reopened the jelly beans, and by the time we got to the airport to pick up my mom, our sugar-high had set in again and she wasn’t amused.

The next day we got to sleep in for the first time…eyes closed till 9:30 am, then headed to “Noshville,” our favorite local diner. We spent the day sitting in coffee shops and driving to show Amanda around Nashville. We met up with our good friend/artist coach/ songwriter Trina Harmon. We all caught up, and then went to meet our producer Jason Deere at Benchmark Studios to continue our reunion. After we all had a few good laughs, Ilya Toshinsky came by to go over pre-production on the new five songs we’re recording. It was a long night of deciding what songs to record because we all had our favorites, but we finally got it figured out. Then on Tuesday, we spent all day in the studio MAKING MAGIC! It’s so amazing to take something that started as an idea, and watch it come to life. Music is amazing because it’s only a short story – with a few paragraphs of lyrics – but just 3 minutes can capture the essence of emotion and convey what a heart is feeling more than any explanation could.

The next step with these five songs is to get Jason out to Utah to record the vocals, mix the songs, and then share them with YOU! I’m so excited for everyone to hear what we’ve been working on…but I’m mostly just excited to sleep in my own bed! J Then, in 2 weeks, the adventure starts again!

XO – Alexa

Next Up: iTunes and Natalee Falk as the Bachelorette! ;)

So…our new songs are coming out on iTunes SEPTEMBER 3RD!!! We couldn’t be more excited! There is so much going on that it can seem overwhelming at times, but it’s definitely the good kind of busy. In between the rush of the music scene, we’ve had quite a lot happen in our personal lives. Natalee turned 21 last week…officially. :) We had such a great celebration in Salt Lake City with our family and a few friends. It was a surprise dinner at our favorite steakhouse, Flemings, followed by a funny night out!

Mandy, our cousin and Creative Services Manager, and I decided to give Natalee a present she wouldn’t forget. Since Natalee is VERY picky when it comes to dating, I had always joked that when she turned 21, I would nominate her for The Bachelorette! That way she would be forced to pick a boyfriend. She thought it was a big joke…but little did she know that we’d actually do it. So during her dinner celebration, we presented Natalee with the audition video we had created and sent to ABC. Earlier that week, we got Natalee to answer “dating” questions by telling her that we were filming an interview for our upcoming show in Cincinnati. She totally bought it, and the whole thing went over perfectly! We really did submit the video, so who knows? Maybe Natalee WILL be the next Bachelorette!

After dinner, we all piled in a stretch limo and went bar hopping in downtown SLC. We had a blast, and made memories we’ll have forever. The celebration continued all weekend, especially after our little brother had an amazing football game! Logan High beat Cottonwood 35-0, and will be playing Bountiful this Friday. Next week, we leave for Cincinnati to perform at a NEDA walk…followed by another walk in Minneapolis the next morning. THEN we fly to Nashville for a couple of days to record 5 more songs! And, before all this happens, we’re both moving to different apartments. So…we definitely have a lot going on, haha! Overall, we’re excited about the future, and just trying to enjoy this fun ride!

XO- Alexa

Living Life in a Suitcase

So this past week has been pretty packed when I look back at it! We’ve had a couple of shows, television appearances, weddings, studio time, and FALK meetings. It’s crazy busy, but we’re lucky that we get to travel everywhere together because we always make sure to include something fun in the mix. Last Friday, we did an interview for PCTV that required an un-godly wake up call! After filming, we all went for breakfast at a cute nearby cafe, and played “your-team” the whole way home (stay tuned for more on THAT game!). We then split up for shopping, pool-time, movies, working out, and napping. That night we went out for dinner and finished the night watching drunk women “shake it” at the SLC piano bar, “Keys On Main.” It was Mandy’s (our Creative Services Manager) birthday celebration, so it was fun watching her squirm all night — just praying that I didn’t submit her name to join the dueling pianists on stage! I was tempted!

We headed back to Logan in the morning to get ready to perform “It’s You” – a song I wrote for our friends Ally and Benson’s wedding. We had Sunday off to unpack and repack, then on Monday we headed down to our show in Coalville…at which point I was stuck in the back with all the equipment and merchandise! Before we went on stage, Nat and I sat behind the curtain speaking in our fake Russian accents while she pushed me around on the equipment wheely. We decided we’re going to come up with a pre-show ritual. So far, we just bump butts, laugh, make obnoxious noises, and flick each other, hahaha! We’ll either come up with a cool handshake, or we’ll get mini trampolines. We have waaaay too much energy to sit still before shows!

Afterwards, we had a blast signing autographs and learning about rodeos and bull riding from our fans…have you ever heard of a Buckaroo?! The car ride home was a quiet one, because we were all SO EXHAUSTED! Then yesterday, we headed to Alpine’s “Soularium Studios” to meet up with Stoker (our engineer) and Jason Deere (our producer) and finish the vocals to our new song “Paint My Heart.” Jason entertained us as usual, and you all will get to see just how funny he is in our weekly webisode because we got a majority of his comments on film!

Overall, it’s been a pretty eventful week, and the hecticness and constant travel is all just beginning! It’s a good thing we enjoy it, because our national NEDA tour starts next month. Check back to see if FALK is coming to YOUR city. :)

XO – Alexa