Keith Urban Concert

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Seeing Keith Urban in concert.. at the Bridgestone arena.. in Nashville. No question it was one of the coolest and most inspiring moments of my life!  He is one of the greatest influences in my life in music — being so incredible in all areas… guitar, singing, producing, writing, performing… It was really an amazing thing to see it all come together in the greatest and most fun concert I’ve ever been to.

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We were in Sweden for my 13th birthday recording an album, and I would put on his song ‘You’ll Think of Me’ every night falling asleep. It’s just always been my go-to song for everything, even still. A few years ago I heard the ‘Live’ version someone posted of his performance, and I had to learn it and exactly how he played it, (later posting that version on our YouTube channel). I just so connect with his voice and I love his style of music — that’s really the kind of Country music I LOVE and what I aspire to create.

 So Saturday night was the concert here in Nashville, and I guess it was the last show of his “Light The Fuse” tour, which I didn’t know. So even at the beginning of the show he was like “I hope you don’t mind Nashville, this is a really special show and we might make it a bit longer.” The whole time I’m like nudging Amanda like “Is it coming up next?! Is this it!?” It ended up being a 4 1/2 hr show! & He played every. song. but one.

I was crushed.
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By the end of show my cousin was like “Natalee are you alright” I’m like Yeah yeah of course… and we walk out… and I just start sobbing! The whole concert I was waiting for that moment. Towards the end I got thinking “oh well maybe he’s saving the best for  last”.. and it never. came. His whole show was just amazing, so this definitely didn’t take away from me singing to every one of his songs &  feeling so much joy being there!  Towards the end he came back on stage for some encore songs and after those were  finished I kind of lingered as he was signing autographs hoping he would pick up the acoustic guitar one more time… like you’re punking me right?! haha. When I finally accepted it was over and walked out of the Bridgestone arena, I was feeling so beyond inspired & heartbroken at the same time. So emotional. I had some self-tanner on, and when I got home I had this water line that cut through my makeup and tanner from my eyes to my neck. I wish I would have gotten a picture to show you all. My sister was laughing like “Nat, you’re actually a real fan!”  I just cried to her telling her how amazing he was haha. We all laughed about it the next day with my friends during the
Super Bowl. Oh, the power of music…

I would say I’m a fan of a lot of artist’s music and I enjoy their work, but there’ just something about a few people or musicians that I feel a real connection with. Between my mom and I, I think we have the world beat with how many times we put his albums on repeat.


This concert, his music.. there’s nothing like it.  This performance was one of the most magical of the night. and yes… I cried.


Nashville Happenings: Falk Update

So as you probably know, we’re living in Nashville now! I made the move last month, and Alexa caught up about 3 weeks ago. Never thought we’d be living together again, but here we are! It’s a good thing we always have fun together and are never NOT laughing. We live in such a cute town. It’s the perfect mix between suburbs and city life with a small town feel. The homes are adorable and southern, and the people here are so kind. They really go out of their way to make you feel welcome. When they find out that I’m new to town they are always like “Oh HONEY let me tell you the best places to go out to.. come out with my friends and I, we’ll show you around!” I hear “Ma’am, darling, and baby” a lot too.. Spring is in full bloom here and we have the cutest purple flowers coming through our walk way. There are bunnies and squirrels playing outside in our front yard too all the time. I feel like I’m living in a Disney movie with the little woodland creatures. I can’t say enough how cute this place is. We’re right by a few Universities, the mall, bluebird cafe, Whole Foods.. and Cheesecake Factory where I’ve already spent too much time already!




One of the first/craziest things we did here was learning how to shoot a gun. We met a really cool guy at a songwriter’s night we performed at, and he wanted to show us around TN.. so we went shooting! He dressed us up and everything. I literally had a bruise on my arm for a week after. Those guns are powerful! About knocked me off my feet. I shot at clay pigeons… lol and I actually realized it wasn’t a real pigeon… but I hit some! Girls got aim. That was about the only time you would see me without my high heels on, besides the gym. Another fun thing we got to do was see the cast of ABC’s show “Nashville” perform all the music on the show at a place here called 3rd and Linsley. I’m in love with Deacon Clayborne, and ladies, he did not disappoint. He’s just as handsome in real life. It’s so fun that there’s always something going on here… Last week we got to see JoDee Messina up close live while eating dinner. One of my favorite Artist growing up! She is sassy and her voice is fabulous.




I went back to Utah for a few days, and I already missed this place! I’m living in a place of possibilities for our music and it’s exciting. I met some of the nicest people on my flights to  Utah and back. The guy on my flight there was kind enough to give me his ipad and let me watch a movie! On my way home, I talked to another guy for the full 3.5 hours. I guess I have a really loud voice b/c my sister’s boyfriend who as on the flight with me said the whole plane heard my conversation. Lol I guess that’s why I’m a singer. I’ve just been making friends all over the place! That, and I like to talk I guess.

I’m wearing my Boston hat today and got thinking of all the people and their families who were injured last Monday. So sad.. It really puts life into perspective. My Mom and Dad always told me that what can be fixed with money is not a ‘problem’.. something ever happening to me, that’s a problem. Sometimes I think that we forget the very basic things we can feel grateful for. Just our being alive, our healthy friends and family, our ability to see and hear and experience life every day. I’m reading a book called ‘You Are Here’ by Thich Nhat Hanh and it’s really brought a lot of mindfulness to the things I do. I make it a point to write down what I’m grateful for, the clarity and insights and positive aspects that happen throughout the day. I write down what I appreciate about life, especially because I want more of that! You get what you think about most of the time! Anyways, we’ve got meetings this week and will be doing a lot of that, so wish us luck & have a wonderful weekend!

Love, Natalee

It’s a New Year!

Wow, what at trip. The holidays for me were so much fun for me that it was tough getting back into work mode. Luckily, my work is music… and I love it… and there are so many things to be excited about right now that it was easy to go from one exciting thing to another. I took my friend Abby with me over the holidays on a cruise to Mexico. If you’ve ever been with the two of us, you know that we are seriously 2 peas in a pod. We are so similar it’s scary! We are both obsessively organized, love to take naps, call each other Suzan. It’s this weird best friend bond :)


It was the first Christmas my sister and I didn’t spend together! I didn’t think I would be that upset by it, but of course I ended up crying when we called her Christmas morning while opening our stockings on the boat. I’m just pretty emotional in general… my brother makes me put on sunglasses and put my head down anytime I start to tear up. When we got back, we were going right into the new year, and I just felt a kind of excitement and a knowing about this year that I haven’t really felt before. Ideas are just coming, and I’m more ready now to make some changes than I ever have been. This last year for us was really about building the Falk brand. We went through a lot of work to bring it to this point with everything from the photo shoots, designing the website, going on tour for NEDA, and overall gaining invaluable experiences performing. We’re at a new place now, ready to bring it to the next level.

Something we’re really happy about right now is the video we just released in high hopes of getting our song ‘Deadly Beauty’ out to as many people as possible and on The Ellen Show. We’ve had an incredible platform being ambassadors for the National Eating Disorders Association and being able to perform at many walks and conventions this year. Talking to those girls and their families, you realize how powerful music can be and how much it moves people. The relationships we’ve made and the stories we’ve heard have inspired to us to pursue this song and reach as many people as possible this year. If you’ve been inspired by our song ‘Deadly Beauty’ in any way or just simply want to help us share our message this February for National Eating Disorders Awareness month, then please request this song and Falk to be on The Ellen Show through their website:


We appreciate the support and all the kind words from everyone!

Thanksgiving Break

This Thanksgiving at the Falk house was really relaxing and fun. We usually protest having it out our house cause’ my mom goes all out when it comes to breaking out the China.. but there was no escaping this year. We spend more time cooking and cleaning than we do anything else! I vote chinette and chinese food next year.. The night before, my extended family comes over and we order pizza, play games, show the boys up in pool… spend Thanksgiving together all the next day, and later that night we hang out and watch movies. This year Alexa’s boyfriend Ty came along. I’m surprised they’re still together at this point! Haha families can be pretty intense.

The night after Thanksgiving we have a tradition where we go out shopping as a family for Christmas and then have a nice dinner at a steakhouse. I went to Michael Kors to see if they had an ipad case that I could get for my Mom, and I have never been followed so closely by a salesperson in my life. She actually looked at my outfit and said ‘I’m so JEL’ hahah I’m sorry, I just couldn’t handle it. I went down to my favorite Ebar cafe right outside of Nordstroms at City Creek, and read a new book I just bought called ‘Proof Of Heaven’. It’s about a neurosurgeon’s journey through afterlife in his NDE after suffering from a rare form of meningitis. I am fascinated by this stuff, and I love hearing new perspectives on consciousness. My greatest takeaway was that we have angels guiding us through this life, and we are created from unconditional love. We are not born unworthy. We are Loved completely!


Election, Studio and Rumi.

What a week. I’m sure all of you are exhausted from all of these politics.. I know I am. This is something that is going to require a lot of peaceful and focused thought, because I find myself wanting to defend my position in being ‘RIGHT’ over being kind. It was fun being able to vote for the first time in my adult life for President. Felt liberating! Although I did give the old lady registering me the wrong address :/ She was an angry bear. I am what you might call a fiscal conservative, social liberal. I find that balance works well in my life, and something that would be of great value to this country.

We’re back in this studio this week with our hilarious producer Jason Deere. He never fails to show up with a joke or a YouTube video that has us all dying. We recorded 5 more KILLER songs that we got back from Nashville. Our sound is continually evolving, Alexa’s writing is just getting better and better, and all I can say is that I’m excited. We have a big music meeting coming up this week to map out the next year for Falk and where we see ourselves in the next 1, 3 and 5 years. Stay with us Falkers! It’s going to be good.

In between recording my vocals, I had some time to hang out… facebook… read… and I came across this poem by Rumi. I swear, with each mystical poem it’s like I feel an awakening in me. I believe that we truly do know truth, and this life is a remembering.

Light Breeze

As regards feeling pain, like a hand cut in battle,

consider the body a robe

you wear. When you meet someone you love, do you kiss

their clothes? Search out

who’s inside. Union with God is sweeter than body comforts.

We have hands and feet

different from these. Sometimes in dream we see them.

That is not

illusion. It’s seeing truly. You do have a spirit body;

don’t dread leaving the

physical one. Sometimes someone feels this truth so


that he or she can live in

mountain solitude totally refreshed. The worried, heroic

doings of men and women seem weary

and futile to dervishes enjoying the light breeze of spirit.


Being Home

It seems like we’ve been traveling every weekend for the past month to different cities. For the next 2 weeks we’re able to stay here, close to home, and get back into the routine of things before we’re back on the road to Austin, TX. I love being home. I’m really such a homebody who would rather stay in on a Friday night and watch a movie then go out on the town. I’m also a creature of habit and routine, so I like being where I can get back into the rhythm of what I do.. Recently I’ve just gotten into the TV series ‘Revenge’ and I am completely obsessed. I make breakfast (with a chai latte & pumpkin bread of course) and watch it every morning. Let’s just say Daniel Grayson is a dream boat. I found out, however, that he has a british accent in real life.. and I don’t like it as much! So I’ll just pretend he is who he is in the show ;) I love Emily & Nolan, too!

My weekend has consisted of games all around. My brother’s high school football game resulted in a win over one of the highest ranked team in Utah. Such a proud sister!! Usually I’m a little more reserved, but I get so invested & worked up at these games! It’s my little Betty Luke out there! (his new nickname from Mandy and me hahah). My sister and I walked out on the field at half time and accepted an award for sponsoring their team this season. We just couldn’t stop laughing out there! Sometimes we can be so immature. hahaha we’re gonna have to be better at receiving attention I guess. BUT that does not include my brother’s friends… ahem… they can be a little forward!

Friday we went to the USU hockey game and watched the boys throw down. Literally. I am shocked at how violent it gets!! I guess I’m used to rules and boys being protected, but they go all out! We went to a party afterward, and that’s like all they talk about. They get pleasure beating the shit out of other players, but they’re all really nice guys! It’s CRAYz.

We went to the Aggie football game the next day, and my poor friend Toni got bit by a bee! We were just talking and she was eating a sucker, and well, she went to lick and the bee stung her tongue. Painful. On Saturday’s or when I get time off, I mostly love eating, shopping, and playing guitar. I have my local favorites where they pretty much know my order by heart. Great Harvest, Kneaders, Starbucks, Caffe Ibis, Logan’s Hero’s, Jamba Juice. I am pretty consistent and predictable when it comes to what I like :)

As of late, like I said, TV shows have been consuming my life. I have been watching Modern Family, too. And OMG Phil Dunphy and Luke are possibly my favorite people alive! So funny. Every Wednesday we get together and watch the new series ‘Nashville’. I usually make turkey steaks and we drink root bear from the bottle. So appropriate and so fun!

I love being home, especially being out so much lately, I feel like I have permission to sit in my room and play guitar, hang out, do some fun shopping at TJ Maxx, play with the dogs, see my friends! You would think that I would catch up on my social life a little more, but it’s really crazy how much of my own company I love. I’m totally in my element being alone sometimes. I believe it’s all about balance though… I’m learning mine!


Chicago, New York, NEDA.


First and foremost, our brand new single “Don’t Wait” came out on iTunes today!! It’s fun, it’s country, it’s fast.. don’t wait to get it. Get it? Hahaha! Anyways…I apologize because I missed my blogging duties last week. We’ve been so busy, and trust me, I already got an ear-full from my sister and cousin about missing the week. Alexa says I have to pay for her lunch for the month if I miss it again (not gonna happen!). Now I am writing for about 2 weeks, which is going to be a lot because we have been doing A LOT. It started with a video shoot with our friend Ryan Baylis for a live performance of our song “Deadly Beauty”. We wanted to give everyone a visual of the new version, rather than the one that is posted under our old band Faces Without Names. Look for the release of that in the next week! :)

The next day, we took off to Chicago for another NEDA walk. Our friend Jessica,  who went to College with us here in Utah, lives out there now. She picked us up from the airport, and we headed down to Lakeshore Drive where we were staying. It was a Friday night and I think she was ready to celebrate us being there…but before she could mention it I was already in my PJs, makeup off, and in bed. Haha, the work hours caught up to me! The next morning we got a cab, grabbed some breakfast, and were walking around Lincoln Park looking for the event. I was in leopard heels, holding a guitar and my purse, and walking on gravel. Not so fun. But the event paid off for the toll my feet took to get there. The people at the event were so lovely and kind! There were fans there that had seen the lyrics video of our song on YouTube, and were SO excited to hear us play it live! I had a hard time keeping it together, I won’t lie. Singing out to a sea of people and seeing them cry just melts my heart. Jessica was the perfect wing/PR woman there with us that day. She can give our musical story in about 30 seconds and leave people rooting for us and wanting to buy the music. She’s kind of a boss lady. ;)

(With Kristen Haglund, Miss America 2008)

The day was so relaxing and fun. If you know Alexa or I, you know that sitting down for coffee and talking about the happy things in life is one of our favorite things to do. So we found a Starbucks with cute little autumn leaves hanging in the window, ordered our pumpkin lattes, and sat down to talk about what we are grateful for. It’s inspiring to be around people that count their blessings more than their burdens. And we’re able to laugh, too…that’s never ending! Amanda and I took off to Michigan Avenue afterwards to grab lunch and take a look at the shops, which is always fun! And later that night, we went out for a night in Chi-Town… :)

(Singing and being crazy in our hotel room… At least Alexa was ;)

If you’ve been following our Facebook Twitter, then you know that we’re on a NEDA weekend kind of a tour. It seems that every weekend, we’re in a different city! This last weekend it was a day trip to New York. It was our 1 year anniversary being involved with this organization, and we are so grateful. The midnight flight from Utah to New York was better in memory than it actually was this time around. If you don’t have a window seat or someone next to you that you know, then you’re pretty much screwed. You end up bobbing your head the whole time and get what I call ‘disrupted sleep’. Poor Amanda…she BARELY got any sleep on the way out there, and the trip home she was graced with a screaming baby who hit her with toys the entire flight. I can’t help laughing about it…although, I would be such a bear if I were in her situation!

When we got to NYC, we headed to the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. We kind of insinuated to the bellmen that we had been staying there and asked them to hold our luggage while we ate breakfast, haha! After a delicious meal, we grabbed our guitars and luggage and made our way to the AMAZING Foley Square — which is right by the Brooklyn Bridge and where they hold the NYC NEDA walk each year. Starbucks near by? Check. Over 800 people showed up that morning! Girls and their moms came up to us before the show thanking us for being there and telling us how much they’ve loved our music ever since they heard it at last year’s walk. That is so nice to hear…especially after being told from producers that this song was ‘too heavy’ to come out with. It’s reassuring to meet these wonderful people and feel like we are on the right path. After the show, the weather turned from overcast to straight up rain, but we stuck it out to sing a few more songs, do a few interviews, and get photos with fans. Afterwards, we headed back through the city with our luggage and new ponchos thanks to some fans that saw how wet we were! Alexa was loving it. She made me put on the poncho and run around Times Square dancing with her (we’ve got it all on tape, just wait…) Then we wanted to eat lunch without all the baggage we were carrying around…so we went back to the Marriott, asked for the same bag holding service…and the lady caught onto our schemes! I had to the leave the situation  because I was too nervous, but Alexa had her looking up about 5 different names and calling to check if they had a room there! Hahaha, it was quite a situation! We ended up just sneaking back upstairs to the nice MALE bellmen and they were more than helpful. :)

We’re back here in Utah now, but today we leave for Florida for the Annual NEDA convention. We’ll be there the entire weekend soaking up the Florida rays, and meeting some really wonderful people along the way, I’m sure! Don’t forget to get our newest song out on iTunes, “Don’t Wait”. You’ll love it, I promise!

Until next time…


Behind The Music – New Songs on iTunes!

This has been such an exciting week here in Falk Land! We’ve just released our first three singles out on iTunes, and we’ve got so many more fun things coming your way! Including a brand new website full of fun stuff! I have to say a quick thank you to our AMAZING web designer who completely took our vision for the site and created something so wonderful and more than we even expected. We love it, and we know you will too! We’ve been working all summer to prepare for this September, and it’s so awesome to finally see it all come together. The songs out on iTunes & Amazon right now are Deadly Beauty, Chase Me, and Will You Catch Me.

Alexa wrote the song ‘Deadly Beauty’ when she was just 16 years old, and was the winner of the “Cosmo Girl magazine songwriting competition”. The song was originally just one that we were both really passionate about because of the personal story behind it, but after playing it on  a radio station here in Utah, 97.1 ZHT (back when we were known as Faces Without Names) the response from the listeners was overwhelming.

Without meaning to, this song kind of became a platform on which we stand today. This time last year, we performed for the first time at a NEDA (National Eating Disorders Association) walk in New York City, and one year later we are ambassadors traveling all over the country playing at several walks & conventions. We were told many times from several producers & other people in the music industry that this song was ‘too heavy’ to come out with… but that’s why we do what we do. We love to share our stories and our honesty through music. We recorded this song 2 times in the past, both with a full band and more aggressive productions, but this time we wanted to keep it very intimate and stripped — how we have always envisioned it. We’re so happy that we are finally able to share it with you & so grateful to all of you who have already purchased the song! The many blessings that have come from a painful experience is incredible. We are donating half of all the proceeds generated from this song to NEDA. We’re so appreciative to their association and what they are doing to help empower those girls & their families everywhere. We’re happy to be a part of it.

We’re shooting a live performance of it next week, so look for it on YouTube soon.

‘Chase Me’ has been one of our favorites ever since Lex first wrote it. This song has been in our catalog for a while now, in fact, eve since I was 16. Every time we played it for a producer or someone in the industry, it always stuck out as a favorite! People have always been really excited about this song, and secretly I think it’s because everyone wants to be chased! haha not literally, but we all want to feel wanted, right?? I mean, as a girl, I can tell you that sometimes it’s tough just to take the back seat & feel hopeful that the guy you like will have the kind of persistence it takes to get a good thing. My favorite lyric is: “It shouldn’t be this way, this was not the plan so I won’t pursue, I won’t act like that don’t think I’ll follow you, no this is in your hands. What’s a girl gotta do? Just give me the moon. I want you Chase Me.” This song is fun because I can sing it… without saying it. My brother is a Senior in High School and the quarterback of his football team. When all of his buddies come over to hang out, I always get a least one of them singing to me ‘I want you Chaaaaase Me.” So funny. One actually let me know the other day after he got it on iTunes that it “soothes him to sleep” hahah. Good to know that boys are taking note.

We have a Pop Version of this song that we’ll be releasing on iTunes and pop radio stations this fall! Watch for it.

‘Will you catch me’ was actually one of the more recent songs Alexa wrote, but once we heard it, it kind of took over the other options we had in the running to record. This song really represents the way that Alexa work together creatively. She will bring a song she’s been working on, we’ll play it together, and like with this song I’ll add something like the guitar lick. The way we sing together is also pretty unorthodox. We’re constantly swtiching up lead vocals and harmonies. We both sing lead and we both sing harmonies. It varies from verse to chorus, really! We had always performed it acoustically, but once the Nashville musicians started playing on the track, it totally brought the song to life! We always imagined a deep blue sparkling night sky when we listen to it. My favorite part is the way the vocals build on each chorus. Check it out!

We’ve got a really fun, new song “Don’t Wait” coming out on October 10th!! We appreciate all the love and support!

-XO Falk

Rest in Heaven, Roxy ♥

Our sweet Roxy girl passed away 2 days ago. It was one of the saddest car rides of my life. Her sitting on my lap in her little bed, and me knowing it was the last time I would be able to hold her and give her a ‘high five’… something she just learned on her own. I was supposed to take her into the vet that morning for a checkup, but she took a turn for the worse this weekend so my Mom, my sister and I watched her go, peacefully.

It’s been a sad few days. Memories of her come to me in waves and I find myself running errands or just having a conversation with someone and next thing I’m sobbing. You don’t realize the everyday things you do with your pets, and then they’re gone and it’s kind of empty. Some of my favorite moments are when I would stay at my parents house and watch the girlfriends (that’s what I called her and my dog Cayenne). They would wake me up early in the mornings, so I’d take them with me in the car and little Rox would sit on my lap, and we would drive down to Starbucks. Everyone at the drive-thru would die at how cute she was :)

She was so sweet, and feisty at the same time. Kind of a diva… hahah. She was so friendly and warm with people… my friends all loved her. We got her for Christmas when I was 10 and she has been a blessing to our family ever since. She brought so much laughter and love just by being the little Roxstar that she was. We had so much fun dressing her up for Halloween, or putting her in little Christmas sweaters.

She was my Mom and I’s little lover dog and followed us everywhere. She always joked that no one loved her as much as Roxy did. We used to lay in bed with her on Sunday’s, make eggs for her in the mornings, and my favorite was being able to cradle her like a baby! She was perfect for holding & the closest thing I had to caring for something like a child.

She always knew her family. I secretly loved that at any party, she just wanted to be held by me. She was so protective, too! Any time someone invaded my personal space, Rox was on it! Even when someone would lean in to hug me, she thought it was going somewhere else.. hah.

It’s hard to picture my family, my life without her. When things were crazy, she was constant. Always my Roxy girl. I keep thinking about how I always imagined her sitting on my lap with me while I was sound-checking in a big arena before a show. She would have been fun on tour.

I’m grateful for all the love and laughs she brought to my life. I’ll miss her for the little things, and I know I’ll miss them every day. Her little feet were my favorite and that girl left a paw print on my heart forever. Love you Roxy.

Love, Natalee

Colbie’s Concert & The Blue Rain Train ☂

It seems like our lives lately are non-stop. Everything is picking up and moving so quickly. It finally feels like it’s all coming together, and from our perspective (with everything we’ve already been through up to this point), that’s an amazing feeling!

After we got back from Park City with all the events and shows we had down there, our Creative Services Manager Amanda and I looked at each other in awe that we would actually have a solid week without any packing or travel…but I guess we jumped the gun. :) We got an unexpected call from Bruce!

A guy named Bruce Sterling, who we love and adore, helped us put our band together back when we were “Faces Without Names.” He is a very talented musical director who has put everyone’s bands and tours together – Destiny’s Child, Sean Kingston, Miley Cyrus, etc. We had the opportunity of working with him when we were just 14 and 16 when we created the band. He even traveled on a summer long tour of the East Coast with us in 2006 (that’s a whole other blog in itself!). He’s been like family to us ever since! He constantly amazes us with all his connections and relationships in the music industry.

I remember in 2006 when Alexa and I got the opportunity to go to the MTV Video Music Awards. Bruce was that guy who walked into the room and knew EVERYONE. I’m talkin’ he introduced us to everybody – music and non-music related. We thought we were just going to the show, but got us some passes to the Green Room, where apparently everybody kind of hangs out during the show. We go the chance to meet and talk to everyone from the Black Eyed Peas to Sean William Scott (Stifler from American Pie), to Jesse McCartney, etc… It was probably one of the coolest experiences we’ve had so far.

Anyways, Bruce is always connecting us with potential guitar players and artists, and he happened to get us some tickets to the Colbie Caillat and Gavin DeGraw concert at the Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake! So of course, we went. I’ve never been there, so that was cool…and, Gavin DeGraw is probably my top 5 favorite artists of all time! Bruce has helped a lot of guitar players that we know get some pretty cool gigs with artists like Miley, Aly & AJ, and now Colbie Caillat, who is touring with guitar player Fredrik Halland (who we got to meet up with after the show).

We had 4 free tickets, so we got to bring Amanda and our good friend Lexie. The whole ride was hilarious and slightly inappropriate with what we got to talking about, hahaha. We all got Jamba Juice for the trip, and listened to JBiebs new album on the way down…which is SO good btw. As we were waiting for the show to start, it started raining. Hard. We’re all sitting on our blanket on the grass in heels, with no umbrella! So we had to get creative and pulled our blue blankets over all of our heads. They then announced that the show wouldn’t be starting until after the rain had cleared, so they offered re-entry. We took that opportunity to go get Cafe Rio! Crazy I know…but we were NOT about to sit in the rain. At least we got to see the opener, Justin Nozuka, before all this happened! As we left, we looked like a chinese dragon walking up the aisle with the blanket draped over our heads. Alexa thought it would be funny to yell inappropriate things at people since they technically couldn’t see our faces…ugh. That girl, I tell you! A lady even yelled “at least you all look good from the waist down!” The whole night was just hilarious!

So when we got back, the rain had cleared and we were just in time to watch Colbie perform. This was exciting. I always love to envision what it would be like when we get to go on tour with the lights, the crew, the buses, the musicians, the fans…it’s fun to dream. There was a security guard that was cracking up at our dance moves (mostly because they had no connection with the kind of music she was playing). Alexa and I were swing dancing, twisting, jumping… being totally immature basically. But then the security guard almost wiped out on the sidewalk, so I didn’t feel too embarrassed. :) After the show, we met up with Fredrik and just hung out with the band for a little bit talking about music – where we’re all going, how we know Bruce, and all the people that we’ve mutually worked with and know. Cool guys. On the way home I got a text from him saying that he talked to the other band members, and one of them actually recorded on our album in 2010! We worked with Freddy Wexler out of New York and this guy Dory played on our record. Anyways….fun night, small world!

We’ve got songs coming out on iTunes September 3rd!
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-XO Falk